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About ALCN

A Learning Community Network (ALCN) is a subscription-based portal that gives subscribers unprecedented access to a whole new experience of online learning. ALCN is ideal for those who neither have full time, nor the money to continue or upgrade their education.

The Athabasca Digital Learning Project provides free access to ALCN thanks to the donations of the valuable courseware subscription by generous Canadians making a difference in the lives of so many people.

ALCN is an important tool in the fight against computer illiteracy that is one of the leading causes of unemployment. It helps the homeless, the addicted and individuals struggling financially to learn valuable computer skills that may help them improve their lives and find employment. The Microsoft Office Training courseware teaches students how to use Microsoft software programs like Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel.

ALCN includes a wide range of e-learning courses from computer technology, human resources, accounting and general business to customer service as well as personal development and life skills. ALCN also includes webinars and shared resources that will help facilitate subscribers with a means of collaboration through social media tools

Join the Athabasca Digital Learning Project with Senior Pastor Richard Given of the Bethel Community Church Boyle to enrich your learning experience with ALCN all at no cost.