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About Us

 Richard and Bonita Given came to Bethel Community Church in Boyle on July 29, 2011 from Kitchener, Ontario. They have been ministering with Vineyard Canada in the area North of Toronto. The Lord has taken them both to Haiti, England, Quebec, to a number of cities, towns and villages across Ontario with the message of hope, renewal and healing. Richard has also had the privilege to minister in Brazil with Randy Clark's Global Awakening Ministries accompanied by Bill Johnson on that trip, and in both Holland and the Ukraine where he ministered and taught new believers in homes and in a Bible School. Bonita has been taken to Israel and across Canada wtih Intercessory Prayer groups. 

Richard's passion is Divine Healing - he both received one when he first met Jesus at the age of 38, and the Lord showed him at that time the gift of healing in the Bible telling Richard He had given him that gift, and would use him in healing ministry. One of the catalysts the Lord has sinced used has been the outpouring of His Spirit at what was then the Toronto Airport Vineyard - sparking what many call the greatest revival movement of the last half of the 20th Century. During the early days of the "Toronto Blessing", as it became known renewal / revival spread to 55,000 churches around the world. Over 3,000,000 people visited the church in the early days (1994-1997) where thousands upon thousands were refreshed in the renewal of God's Spirit, and thousands of "curious onlookers" were saved - and many, many, many more rededicated themselves to Jesus ~being empowered and equipped to minister more effectively at home and around the world as they followed God's leading.

As their friends say at Harvest Vineyard in Edmonton, Richard and Bonita invite one and all to encounter Jesus - belong to His people, believe in Jesus, and become like Jesus.