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Bethel Community Church Boyle is a Christian, non-denominational group of folks who by choice stay like clay ~ always being shaped, we trust by God's life and not by organizational methods. We do not have it all together, or pretend that we do. We strive toward being a family growing together ~ toward God, toward each other and toward the circumstances around us: a lifestyle whereby we all help each other put the pieces of this sometimes bizarre world and our lives into perspective. We do this by pursuing Jesus Christ corporately, in face-to-face community. Everything else springs out of that.

Courseware Training:  We are excited to offer the community at large your own internet-based learning experience for computer courseware.

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September 15 and 16.

Mark Redner, a healing Evangelist is coming here to Alberta on September 15 in Grassland Gospel Church at 7 pm. He will also be here at Bethel in Boyle at 7 pm the next day on Wednesday September 16. You wont want to miss this!! If you are curious to see what God is doing come join the excitement, because our God is a healing God! And Bring your friends!!




Heres a couple recent glory stories of what Gods been doing with Mark the past 11 days since he has come to Alberta.

On August 28, 2015 WOMAN RECEIVES MIRACULOUS HEALING IN ART GALLERY!!! Gallery manager received a creative miracle of a new shoulder from God! She hadn't been able lift her arm up on her own since an accident 15 years ago.

September 2, 2015 GOD POURED OUT HIS SPIRIT UPON FIRST NATIONS IN WASKAKANISH The Cree people said they experienced a Powerful Outpouring of the Holy Spirit that brought Inner Healing, Spiritual Healing, Physical Healing and much

Joy!!! God is SO good!!

On September 4, 2015 God is moving in such power tonight. One woman had two lumps

completely disappear. Praise and honour to God!!!

Heres a short video below of Mark Redner ministering. Feel free to check it out. smile emoticon





                                       Past Events



Glory Stories!

 On June 23, we had a great turn out with Peter Kumar in Grassland! ABout 25 people got prayed and prophesied over, and God moved and brought  healings, deliverance and breakthrough! 

One woman got set free from a ancestral curse of witchcraft. Another womans spine got straightened  i believe, and another woman could walk better with out limping. :D 

 Peter spoke a great message about how  God is depending on us.  And how in our culture we are settling for less then what God actually wants us to receive. Blessings should be chasing us down, and  our normal christian life should show miracles and fruit to the world, even in our homes.

God doesnt need us , but he desires greatly to do things with us. After all we are like his hands and feet on this earth. And if we partner with out great God and let him use us for his glory, we can see his and our destinies be fulfilled.  It was such a powerful Holy spirit Healing break out. If you would like to come see for yourself the amazing works of God, come join us tonight in Lac La Biche.  God bless hope to see you all there tonight! Come and see the amazing gifts God has for you!!


Peter Kumar Prophetic Ministry

Peter was a reknowned Evangelist, prophet that made his way to our town Boyle.  Peter been to over 120 nations to bring healing, prophetic words, and miracles into peoples lives.

Click HERE to watch a short video on Peter Kumars ministry.